TM Eye Prolific Crimes Team Success in Epsom and Richmond

TM Eye Prolific Crimes Team Success in Epsom and Richmond.

In April 2023, the two dedicated detectives for Epsom, Adam and Cameron, arrested 18 suspects for Theft Shoplifting and Theft Person (pick pockets).

The detectives working for ‘Go Epsom’ BID, operate in the town centre 3 days a week and in Richmond for 2 days a week. ‘Be Richmond’ BID had similar success with the two detectives arresting 31 suspects in that Beat.

Over £3,000 worth of stolen goods were recovered for local Epsom stores and a over £5,000 in Epsom.

All offenders who stole goods valued over £200.00 are being considered for a private criminal prosecution and case papers are being prepared.

All the suspects arrested were served with a Trespass Notice and consideration will be given to prosecuting them for burglary should they re offend.

Those prolific offenders who steal regularly in the area are monitored and should the amount of goods stolen during their offending total more than £200.00, then a private criminal prosecution will be brought by TM Eye.

The impact across all the Beats that TM Eye and My Local Bobby police has been significant with substantial reductions in crime and an increase in offenders being prosecuted.

TM Eye CEO David McKlevey said, “The TM Eye Prolific Crimes teams across London had considerable success in April.

The team prevents and deters offending and prosecutes prolific offenders or organised crime gangs.

They also regularly refer those in hardship, homeless or with difficulties to the relevant local outreach groups or social services to enable them to get the help required to break the cycle of offending”.

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