David McKelvey - Managing Director

Since forming TM EYE in 2007 we have come a long way!  We are now one of the UK’s most active private investigation companies and at the forefront when carrying out criminal investigations culminating in private criminal prosecutions for those who deal in illicit goods. With over 500 convictions in the criminal courts and a 100% conviction rate TM Eye has made a significant impact on reducing the open sale and availability of fake goods for the brands it represents. TM Eye’s clients are among some of the largest and most well-known brands.


The company has grown organically and now has four dedicated investigation teams proactively tackling illicit luxury goods, illicit pharmaceuticals, illicit tobacco as well as the Design Rights team. At the heart of our business is our intelligence and online investigations Hub, which drives much of TM EYE’s operational activity.  Using the Criminal Justice Secure Messaging System (CJSM) our team continually shares intelligence with the IPO, Police and other criminal enforcement agencies.  Our expert team conducts numerous online investigations across the Open and Dark Web, harvesting actionable intelligence that supports much of TM EYE ‘s activities.  TM EYE has successfully prosecuted over 100 online traders on behalf of our clients and removed countless domain addresses used to sell fake goods.


TM Eye personnel are all highly experienced operatives, having honed their investigative skills within Police, HMRC or Trading Standard specialist units.  They are supported by a full conventional and technical surveillance capability and TM Eye has the only dedicated Covert Undercover Unit outside of law enforcement, deploying highly experienced undercover operatives across the UK and globally on a daily basis  All our operational activity is compliant with the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (RIPA) and The Human Rights Act, ensuring that every investigation and any subsequent enforcement activity is proportionate, legal, accountable and necessary. Every operation or deployment is fully risk assessed.


TM EYE stands apart from other investigative companies in that we act as a private prosecutor on behalf of our clients, minimising their exposure as a result of any enforcement activity. TM Eye detectives gather evidence and prepare case papers; they engage with our dedicated specialist solicitors and barristers, all of whom are experts in their field, to ensure the highest standard of proof is provided to the courts. I’m proud to say that to date, TM EYE has a 100% conviction rate in over 500 criminal cases put before the courts by us as private prosecutions, of which 13% of those convicted received custodial sentences.

TM Eye now operates across the globe carrying out both large and small scale investigations, including undercover and covert operations. Our activity has led to significant results and seizures of fake goods worldwide, with investigations occurring in India, the USA and Canada, Singapore, Russia, Germany, China, Romania and across Eastern Europe.  Closer to home, TM EYE’s investigative capabilities and expertise recently targeting the Strangeways area of Manchester known as ‘counterfeit street’ resulting in over 100 criminal convictions, the closure of over 50 premises and the seizure of fake goods valued in the millions of pounds in a single operation.

TM Eye has forged partnerships with the UK Intellectual Property Office Intelligence Hub, various Police agencies, Trading Standards, UKBA, HMRC and other industry partners.  We have obtained formal information sharing agreements with many organisations that go towards our success.


TM EYE’s reputation among illicit traders is formidable, they fear trading in our client’s brands because of the threat from prosecution.  Simply put, TM Eye is the best in the world at what we do.  Our motto is ‘Acta Non Verba’; ‘Action Not Words’ and that forms the ethos for all our activities.


Beyond the world of counterfeiting, TM EYE has developed many other services, including Private/Corporate Investigations, Physical and Cyber Security services, Guarding and Executive Protection, as well as Technical Security Countermeasures.  Through our ‘sister business My Local Bobby we have established a revolutionary and effective service providing professional, uniformed, foot patrols to deliver a high-visibility deterrent in defined areas across the UK, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

The Team

David McKELVEY – Managing Director TM Eye

A former Detective Chief Inspector in the Metropolitan Police Service with over 60 commendations. A career detective who worked at the ‘coal face’, investigating serious and organised crime both across the UK and Internationally, David has an in-depth knowledge of the methods employed by organised crime groups (OCG) and he has successfully investigated many cases involving the most prolific among them by disrupting their activity, dismantling their operations and prosecuting the major players.  Having retired from the MPS he set up TM EYE and remains committed to tackling offending and bringing those involved in crime to justice.  David is an active member of the National Markets Group and former Chair of the Enforcement Committee directing strategy and tactics across the UK. He is a highly motivated and vocational individual.

Barry WALKER – Operations Manager

A former Detective Sergeant in the Metropolitan Police Service Barry received numerous commendations as a career detective with considerable experience of investigations into major crimes, including Fraud, Robbery, Murder and Terrorism. His time on the most successful ‘Flying Squad’ saw him managing surveillance teams during complex and protracted investigations targeting organised crime groups.  Notably he was the Lead Case Officer for the ground-breaking Judge only trial (TWOMEY & others in 2007). His experience of conventional and technical surveillance is renowned among his police colleagues and an obvious asset to TM EYE’s activities.  Barry oversees all of TM EYE’s operations, developing our strategy, maintaining client relationships and supervising our private prosecutions.

Steve HOBBS – Senior Investigator

A former Detective Superintendent in the Metropolitan Police Service, Steve was the senior investigating officer in over 200 murder investigations and has been commended for his outstanding detective ability on many occasions. More than 10 years of his career was spent leading proactive investigations targeting OCG’s on a national and international basis. Steve was an advisor to ACPO on covert policing techniques and following his retirement from the MPS he was invited by the chief constable of the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) to be the director of operations and part of the command team forming the Historical Enquiry Team (HET); a unit set up as part of the peace process to re-investigate over 3,000 deaths attributable to the “troubles”. He led the team responsible for the prosecution of 14 terrorists in the longest “super grass” trial in Northern Ireland’s history. Steve brings all his knowledge and experience to TM EYE’s operations and is a valuable asset towards their success.

Rob MURRAY – Team Leader Illicit Pharmaceutical Team

A former Detective Inspector in the Metropolitan Police Service with numerous commendations for his Detective Ability and Leadership, Rob is a career detective with proven success across both proactive and reactive policing. Has led the investigation of serious and organised crime at all levels, both nationally and internationally whilst working on the National Crime Squad, Organised Crime Task Force, Major Investigation Teams and Flying Squad. Rob has a broad experience of conventional and technical surveillance, is fully trained as a Tactical Firearms Commander, Post Incident Manager and Financial Investigations. He has successfully managed numerous Undercover Operations in both the UK and Internationally, delivering results whilst managing operational and corporate risk. Rob now runs the highly successful Illicit Pharmaceutical Team tackling the unlawful manufacture and supply of ‘lifesaving’ medicines across the world. The team works with the FBI, US FDA, Homeland Security, Indian Police and FDA.

Gary STAPLES – Team Leader Illicit Tobacco Team.

A former Detective Sergeant in the Metropolitan Police Service with numerous commendations for Detective Ability and Bravery. Gary is a career detective with considerable experience of proactive and reactive policing, including postings on the Flying Squad and Organised Crime Task Force where he gained extensive experience when employing conventional and technical surveillance methods against organised crime groups. As a successful Senior Investigator at TM EYE Gary has specialised in investigating counterfeit offences, preparing and presenting numerous Private Criminal Prosecutions cases before the courts with an outstanding 100% conviction rate. Gary runs the Illicit Tobacco Team tackling organised criminal gangs involved in the manufacture and distribution of fake cigarettes, tobacco and packaging; as well as Vaping products, across the world.

Rebecca SHELLEY – Online Investigations Manager

Rebecca is a highly experienced and former Trading Standards Officer with many years of proven success in gathering evidence against illicit traders leading to numerous convictions at court. She is considered an “Expert Witness” by many brands that work with TM EYE. Trained as an Undercover Officer (UCO), Rebecca specialises as an Online Investigator and leads a team of similarly experienced TM EYE operatives tackling the sale of counterfeit goods using social media and the many online retail outlets on the internet.

Chris ADAMS – Senior Internet Investigator

A highly trained and experienced Online investigator, Chris plays a key role in gathering “open source” material to assist and progress TM EYE operations. He provides vital intelligence in generating POCA related matters for Confiscation hearings. Chris has attended a number of “open source” courses with police on behalf of TM EYE. He manages all TM EYE takedowns and intelligence gathering for our operations.

Kevin John – Senior Investigator (India Team).

Kevin Heads up the TM Eye India team and has 17 plus years of experience of Anti-Counterfeiting & Anti-Piracy Investigations, background verification and executing raid actions across the Indian subcontinent. Kevin has worked with Enforcers of Intellectual Property Rights (EIPR) from 2001 to 2008 as a Senior Investigator. Worked with First Advantage Private Limited (FADV) from 2008 to 2012 as an Assistant Manager Client Operations for background verifications in India. Worked with EIPR from 2012 to 2016 as Regional Manager South India and conducted Raid Enforcement actions for multiple clients in India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. Kevin joined TM Eye in February 2017, as a Senior Investigator and has been involved in raids across India smashing those engaged in manufacturing and supplying fake ‘life saving’ medicines.