Prolific Crime Team’s Incredible Arrest Rate in Ealing BEAT

In the month of April 2023, the two TM Eye detectives, Shaun and Ashley, attached to the TM Eye Prolific Crime Team, working in plain clothes on their Ealing beat, on behalf of the ‘Make it Ealing’ BID, arrested over 80 suspects for Theft Shoplifting or Theft Person (pick pockets).

Over £8,000 worth of stolen goods were recovered on behalf of local stores.

For theft offences over £200 private prosecutions are being considered and case files submitted.

For theft offences under £200 suspects were served with a Trespass Notice and advised that should they reoffend a prosecution for Burglary may follow.

Any repeat offenders below the £200 threshold will be reviewed should they reoffend and the value of thefts total more than £200.Any homeless or persons in need who had offended were referred to local charities and or social services.

All intelligence gathered was submitted to the police.

TM Eye CEO David McKelvey said,” Outstanding work in April by the team, making a real impact on local crime.

On all our beats crime is down and prosecutions are up”.

Follow our work on the Channel 5 programme ‘Shoplifters and Scammers at War with the Law’ or on 5 catch up.