Prolific Crimes Team Arrest Drug Dealer and Shoplifter

This afternoon, detectives Adam and Cameron, from the TM Eye Prolific Crimes team, working on behalf of ‘In Epsom’ BID, detained a male suspect stealing meat from Tesco’s in Epsom.

When searched he was found to have six (6) individual wraps of a white powder, that he stated was cocaine, and further eight (8) individual bags containing cannabis. 

He was arrested and cautioned for theft and possession with intent to supply Class A and B drugs. All recorded on the detectives body worn cameras.

Police were called and attended. The male suspect has been taken to the local police station to be interviewed and processed.

The TM Eye Prolific Crimes team have had an immediate and dramatic impact on offending in the area, and importantly created a ‘safer’ environment for retail staff and the public.