Steve Hobbs

Senior Investigator

About Steve

A former Detective Superintendent in the Metropolitan Police Service, Steve was the senior investigating officer in over 200 murder investigations and has been commended for his outstanding detective ability on many occasions. More than 10 years of his career was spent leading proactive investigations targeting OCG’s on a national and international basis. Steve was an advisor to ACPO on covert policing techniques and following his retirement from the MPS he was invited by the chief constable of the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) to be the director of operations and part of the command team forming the Historical Enquiry Team (HET); a unit set up as part of the peace process to re-investigate over 3,000 deaths attributable to the “troubles”. He led the team responsible for the prosecution of 14 terrorists in the longest “super grass” trial in Northern Ireland’s history. Steve brings all his knowledge and experience to TM Eye’s operations and is a valuable asset towards their success.