We offer a complete package from gathering intelligence and evidence
through to supporting raids and the completion of evidential
statements for court. We now privately prosecute in the criminal courts for our clients.

TM Eye provides an independent service to the manufacturers and rights holders of luxury goods and liaises with them in the detection, identification and action against those involved in counterfeiting and also piracy of their merchandise.
TM Eye’s service is structured and geared for collaborative effective actions, positive results, realistic costs, protection of intellectual property rights, and a visible and tangible deterrent to counterfeiters.

TM Eye has a proven track record of outstanding results that include huge seizures of fake goods, the arrests of large numbers of offenders, convictions at court and the recovery of assets.

By undertaking robust enforcement of our Rights Holders trademarks we ‘Prevent and Deter’ offending by those criminals involved in IP crime.

Market Monitoring
  • Carry out covert intelligence visits to markets, shops and other suppliers of counterfeit goods.
  • Undertake surveillance on suspects to identify storage facilities, associates and criminal proceeds.
  • Prepare intelligence and evidential cases for law enforcement.
  • Carry out evidential test purchases.
  • Assist law enforcement in carrying out market raids and searches of storage facilities.
  • Prepare criminal and civil cases for court.
  • Prosecute in the criminal courts privately.
  • Give expert evidence in court.
Customs Enforcement
  • File and manage Customs applications for clients.
  • Assist Customs in identifying counterfeit goods.
  • Prepare and manage letters of action for Customs seizures.
  • Recover all costs for our clients.
  • Complete and deliver Cease and Desist letters where necessary.
  • Investigate and pro-actively target organised criminal networks involved in importing counterfeit goods.
  • Attend Postal Hub to assist UKBA in detaining goods for our Rights Holders. Completion of all detention notices, management of consignee enquiries, Completion of intelligence profile for UKBA and IPO.