9 March 2013-Operation 632-DM-13.


Mohammed Tariq

Senior Trading Standards Enforcement Officer

London Borough of Ealing


‘I would like to say a very big thank you to everyone who was part of this Operation. …….Once again this is another typical example of excellent partnership work between The Metropolitan Police Service , Ealing Trading Standards and the copyright / trade mark holders (TM EYE).

I would also like to say a big thank you to TM EYE for their excellent professionalism in the way they provided the evidence and intelligence to us on the evening of the Operation.

Once again thank you all.


Harold Tillman-Head of British fashion Council (2012):

I have seen the work undertaken by TM Eye at first hand. I am impressed by their integrity, commitment, dedication and professionalism in tackling intellectual property crime in the United Kingdom. They work closely with the authorities and have had impressive results in achieving successful criminal prosecutions against those criminals engaged in importing and selling fake goods. The British and Global Fashion Industry is at real risk from those engaged in stealing designs and counterfeiting luxury goods from brands that have spent years in securing their reputations for quality. TM Eye are clearly at the forefront of the fight to tackle this criminality. I support their outstanding work.’