TM EYE carry out pro-active research of markets, locations, goods, history and development of illegal trading in counterfeit and pirated goods.

  • Pro-active monitoring of current illegal activities, persons involved, supply and delivery patterns.
  • Identification of counterfeit and pirated branded goods.
  • The preparation of operational reports to trademark owners for action.

We undertake pro-active operations in support of law-enforcement authorities to tackle crimes against our clients Intellectual Property rights. We Assist the Judiciary in criminal cases by providing evidence and support to the courts and Prosecuting Authorities. We supply our clients with specific reports on the illegal use of their brand names and copying of their products. We provide itemised product analysis, and offer effective services for the quick seizure of counterfeit goods. These seizures are executed based on criminal law and where necessary with the assistance of the local authorities and police.

This reduces the cost to the client substantially without reducing the effectiveness of the operations.

Pro-active cases involve TM EYE investigators covertly attending prolific markets and gathering intelligence and evidence of criminality involving the sale of counterfeit goods. These are often resource intensive and medium to long term investigations.

All of this proactive intelligence and evidence gathering is completed at NO cost to the rights holder.

Enforcement action will follow. Fake Britain-Cosmetics


Specific Case Studies
007-DM-09 and 158-DM-11 – Case of Pan LEE

This was an investigation carried out by TM EYE in close partnership with Tower Hamlets Trading Standards and subsequently City of London police spanning three years, leading to the arrest of the principal behind one of the UK’s most sophisticated and organised counterfeiting operations.

LEE pleaded guilty to 12 specimen Trademark were seized from over 38 different Rights Holders. This was a major case and had a substantial impact on organised crime.

030-DM-11 – Case of Lewis ZHENG.

This 12 month TM EYE investigation involved long term surveillance and covert test purchases by TM EYE operatives at Wembley, Bovingdon and Dagenham Markets. It led to the arrest of Lewis ZHENG by Wandsworth Trading Standards and police and the recovery of a substantial amount of counterfeit jewellery and watches, including Pandora, Thomas Sabo, Cartier and Montblanc

Excellent work by Wandsworth Trading Standards, together with TM EYE covert video footage and test purchases, resulted in ZHENG pleading guilty at court to 19 Trademark offences. He was sentenced to 18 months imprisonment on each count concurrent. The covert operation by TM EYE and raids were featured on BBC Fake Britain Programme.