Private Prosecutions:

The prosecution of offenders through the criminal courts has become increasingly difficult due to the reduction in resources for Trading Standards Services, Police and other law enforcement agencies.

In 2020, TM Eye were responsible for more prosecutions and convictions of Trademark offences than all of the State based agencies across the UK combined (IP Crime Report 2020).

TM Eye undertakes Private Criminal Prosecutions on behalf of its Brand Owners. We gather overwhelming evidence of ‘crimes in action’ using established pro-active policing techniques. The evidence obtained is collated and submitted for review by our legal partners.

Once we have a substantive criminal case, we undertake enforcement action with Trading Standards and/or Police to gather and secure evidence and recover counterfeit goods.  We then prosecute using specialist IP lawyers with their expert knowledge of the Illicit Trade Industry.

Trading Standards or Police Financial Investigation Teams work with us to identify criminal proceeds and assets so that these can be recovered/seized at the conclusion the case.


  • Expert evidence gathering
  • Specialist legal team experienced in IP crime.
  • Minimal exposure to Brand Owner during court process
  • Disruption of organised criminal networks.
  • Fast time legal process.
  • Recovery of proceeds of crime.

In partnership with our Intellectual Property specialist solicitors, TM EYE has successfully carried out numerous private criminal prosecutions since October 2011, on behalf of supportive brands and this has proved to be a most valuable and cost-effective tool for our Brand Owners in fighting the counterfeiting of their goods.