Internet Investigations:

TM Eye actively monitors online markets and web sites that offer
counterfeit products.

TM Eye actively monitors online markets and web sites that offer counterfeit products. Our constant intelligence-gathering activities provide us with up-to-date information on the products, current methods of distribution, retail locations and approximate volumes of illegally branded and copied products.

Our internet team are highly experienced and have been extremely successful in tackling all kinds of criminality on the internet, including auction sites selling counterfeit products as well as rogue websites. TM EYE’s internet investigators have undertaken extensive content protection activities on behalf of clients, by targeting sellers advertising on public auction sites.

Through its worldwide investigations into websites offering counterfeit products, TM Eye provide tracing and monitoring services to identify the owners and operators of internet sites retailing illegal products to provide evidence for their removal and/or prosecution.

Case Study:

TM EYE was tasked to look into the illegal sale of counterfeit goods and the unauthorised sale of ‘grey market’ goods via the internet for Pandora Jewellery UK Ltd.
Numbers were dramatically reduced from over 120,000 items a day to below 7,000.
Similar reductions have been managed for other Brand Owners.

A New Initiative Is Underway…

• Each internet seller of counterfeit goods identified will be targeted.
• Test purchases will be carried out to gain a representative sample of their goods.
• After examination a cease and desist letter will be sent to the seller with a demand for costs payable to the brand holder.

Our experience has shown that this will lead to a significant reduction in offending and cut costs to the client.