Following the private criminal prosecution by TM Eye and conviction on the 5th March 2019 at Manchester Magistrates Court, of Assad IFTIKHAR, the Home Office have now deported him from the United Kingdom. IFTIKHAR was a criminal trader who operated a criminal enterprise from a warehouse in Great Ducie Street in the area known as ‘Counterfeit Street’, Strangeways, Manchester.

TM Eye today received the following message from its partners in Operation Challenger at Greater Manchester Police;

”Good news story following a referral from one of our Partners in Challenger. 

Project Advenus received a referral from TM-Eye UK – who are authorised to carry out anti-counterfeiting activities in the United Kingdom on behalf of Hugo Boss and Mulberry.

Over a period of time they obtained evidence to form part of a prosecution on a premise in Cheetham Hill, who had been selling counterfeit Mulberry and Hugo Boss products.

On all of the occasions a male identified as Assad IFTIKAR a Pakistan National was identified as a key player in the selling of the counterfeit goods. TM Eye then obtained a summonsed and he subsequently pleaded guilty to all charges.

Following his conviction he was referred to Project Advenus, who identified him as having no leave to remain in the UK. As a result of Project Advenus’s disclosure to the Home Office his Application for further leave to remain in the UK to be refused without the right of Appeal. He was subsequently detained by Dallas ICE Team and removed from the UK in June 2019”.

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TM Eye Director David McKelvey said, ”TM Eye works closely with the Operation Challenger team and Greater Manchester Police to tackle the organised criminality that takes place in and around the Strangeways area of Manchester known as ‘Counterfeit Street’. This public / private enforcement activity has been extremely successful in reducing crime, the prevalence of criminal premises and those engaged in organised crime in the area. Our other partners in Manchester City Council have been able to secure Closure Orders on the back of our convictions. 

In in every case we share intelligence with all our partners, including The Border Force and Home Office Immigration Service. Following such a submission Assad Iftikhar was identified and has now been deported. He can no longer continue his criminality in the UK.”

TM Eye have convicted over 100 Criminals during their Operation Mordor set up to tackle the organised crime in ‘Counterfeit Street’.