TM Eye detectives from its UK Illicit Pharmaceutical Team supported by colleagues from TM Eye India have carried out a covert operation in Bangalore, India leading to the arrest of a prolific criminal engaged in the sale of fake life saving medicines.



The suspect Jayantilal Murjee was arrested by Indian police supported by TM Eye detectives at premises in Kalasipalyam Market, Bangalore, India. He was operating a substantial manufacturing and packaging site for fake medicines. Over 30,000 counterfeit bottles, labels and pills were seized in the raid.



The raid follows a 3-month covert surveillance operation targeting the suspect. Detectives from TM Eye India carried out surveillance on Murjee following successful covert test purchases by TM Eye’s Undercover Unit of a variety of life saving medicines. Murjee operated a small factory unit manufacturing and supplying tablets with no medicinal benefit in counterfeit bottles with labels purporting to be genuine medicines.



Murjee was charged with offences contrary to Section 51 and 63 Copyright Act 1957 and has been remanded in custody. He is due to appear at Bangalore Magistrates Court on 4th July 2018.




TM Eye Director David McKelvey said,”This was another outstanding success for TM Eye. I would like to thank the Indian police for their outstanding support. This was an extremely difficult deployment targeting a criminal engaged in a vast criminal operation selling medicines on a wholesale scale. many of these fake medicines would end up being sold to innocent and unknowing patients who would have taken them believing them to be genuine to treat serious illness. The fact is that these counterfeit tablets would be of no medicinal use.


These counterfeits are sold on the internet through various criminal sites and end up in the hands of the most vulnerable, those suffering from serious illness. The scale of the global trade in fake medicines is vast and is organised crime at the highest level. The profits are huge. TM Eye has been at the cutting edge of law enforcement tackling this global criminality head on.”


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