TM Eye commenced private criminal prosecutions in June 2012. To date TM Eye has prosecuted 26 (twenty six) cases in the criminal courts resulting in the convictions of 32 (thirty two) suspects for over 210 Trademark Offences.


There are a further five cases within the court system and further cases being prepared for prosecution.


TM Eye detectives continue to actively monitor the most prolific markets and gather evidence of offending against its clients brands.


These criminal cases are brought at NO COST to the clients. All intelligence and evidence gathering by TM EYE detectives is undertaken and a full case file submitted to our expert lawyers. Summons are served and the cases managed through the criminal courts by specialised Trademark counsel.


The highest evidential standards have to date resulted in guilty pleas in all cases.


The impact in the markets has been substantial with most traders selling or clients fake goods ceasing to sell them, either diverting to other brands or usually stopping completely.


TM EYE follows up all cases with intelligence submissions to their partners in HMRC, The Inland Revenue and Benefits Agency. Police and or Trading Standards will often look to securing assets under the Proceeds of Crime Act after the convictions.


Private Criminal Prosecutions are always undertaken with the full knowledge and often support of local Trading Standards officers and or police. All intelligence is submitted via the Intellectual Property Office Intelligence Hub.


TM EYE continues to target those engaged in damaging their clients intellectual property rights through the sale of counterfeit products with it policy of ‘catch and convict’.

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