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Man arrested for Rape as resistor of TM Eye operation






A man wanted for rape was arrested in Camden Market yesterday afternoon during a joint operation, code named Prefix, between TM Eye detectives and Camden police, tackling the sale of counterfeit goods. TM Eye detectives have been undertaking a covert operation code named ‘Prefix’ to gather evidence against the criminal traders who openly sell fake goods in and around Camden market. The man alleged to be involved in the sale of fake Beats headphones and Louis Vuitton goods was identified by police as being wanted on the Police National Computer when they stopped him with TM Eye detectives to obtain details to progress the investigation and prosecution by way of a private criminal prosecution. The man remains in custody at Holborn police station.


TM Eye Director David McKelvey said,”This was another clear example of how joint partnership working can be successful. A man suspected of a serious sexual assault was arrested. This follows a recent case in Manchester during Operation Mordor that led to the arrest of a man for attempted Murder. Those involved in IP crime are criminals involved in all forms of criminality. It is organised crime.


It also again highlights the importance of TM Eye’s Information Sharing Agreement with the ACRO Criminal Records Office, that allows the sharing of information and recording of convictions of those prosecuted by TM Eye in private criminal prosecutions”.


As a result of its Operation Prefix TM Eye has to date convicted 35 criminals by way of private criminal prosecutions, selling fake goods in Camden market and the surrounding area . We believe that this has had a dramatic impact and resulted in the reduction of the open sale of fake goods for brands we represent. Those who risk selling illicit goods that TM Eye protects, risk prosecution and conviction. The fear has been put back onto the criminals involved.”


TM Eye has convicted over 300 persons by way of private criminal prosecutions.


Over 2,500 offences have been cleared up.


All those convicted have their convictions recorded on the Police National Computer and have their photographs, fingerprints and DNA taken.




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