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Private Criminal Prosecutions


On Monday 22 April 2013, Harinder SINGH from Southall appeared at Watford Magistrates Court charged with Trademark Offences. The case is being brought by TM Eye as a private criminal prosecution on behalf of clients Mulberry, Louis Vuitton and Jimmy Choo. There is no cost to the clients.


The Defendant pleaded guilty to five Trademark offences. These charges relate to the selling of fake leather goods that were subject to a number of covert test purchases by TM Eye detectives at Wembley and Bovingdon Markets, over several months.

Surveillance had identified the storage facilities used by SINGH at Shurgard, Ealing. These were raided by Ealing Trading Standards with the assistance of the police and TM Eye detectives on 9 March 2013. This led to the seizure of several million pounds worth of fake goods. Further offences relating to this recovery are now being considered by Trading Standards officers as a result. TM Eye served their criminal summons on SINGH during this raid.

During the case it became apparent that SINGH was sentenced at Cambridge Crown Court on 24 November 2011 to an 11 month custodial sentence suspended for a period of 24 months.
A prohibition order was also attached which prohibited the Defendant from selling any clothing, fashion or accessories for a period of five years.


SINGH is therefore in breach of both the suspended sentence and prohibition order by virtue of committing the current offences.


The Defendant also then admitted his breach of the suspended sentence and the prohibition order in Court.

The Court ordered that everything should be returned to Cambridge Crown Court for determination of these new offences brought by TM Eye and also for determination of what happens with the old offences.

The Defendant was granted unconditional bail.

The matter is next listed at Cambridge Crown Court on 20 May 2013 at 9:30am.


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On 17 April 2013, two men Michael Sajdeva and Dharam Singh, both from Kingston, appeared at Highbury Corner Magistrates Court for Trademark offences. Both had entered pleas of guilty to eight offences.

Subject 1 (Michael) 642 26.11.12

Both defendants were sentenced to a 12 month Community Order with one condition of 150 hours unpaid work.


Both defendants were ordered to pay £60 victim surcharge.


The conviction was the outcome of a private criminal prosecution brought by TM Eye on behalf of Richemont and Louis Vuitton at no cost to either client.


The convictions follow a substantive 4 month covert pro-active operation by TM Eye detectives at Camden Market. The convicted men had run a stall at the market openly selling counterfeit high end luxury watches as well as fake Louis Vuitton purses and belts. Their stall was well placed and visited by thousands of tourists and visitors to the market daily causing immense damage to a number of brands.


TM eye detectives carried out test purchases of fake Cartier watches, Louis Vuitton purses and belts all evidenced on video. This evidence supported the criminal matters before the court.SONY DSC


On 14 February 2013, TM Eye detectives supported by Camden police attended the stall and served a criminal summons on Sajdeva. A large number of fake watches and leather goods were surrendered to TM Eye from a variety of luxury brands. Singh was later served with a summons having returned from a trip to India.


TM Eye Director David McKelvey said, ”This yet another example of how industry investigators can successfully work in partnership with the authorities. We would wish to thank Camden police and trading standards for their support and assistance.


A substantial seizure of fake high end watches was made valued at over £500,000 together with counterfeit leather goods. The two criminals involved have now been convicted in the criminal courts by TM Eye.


As in this case those who engage in the sale of counterfeit Richemont or Louis Vuitton goods can expect to be targeted and brought before the criminal courts. We will ‘catch and convict’ those involved in selling any of our client’s goods, whether jewellery, watches, clothing or leather goods.


Counterfeiting is organised crime on a massive scale and impacts on the economy and those companies involved, affecting job security and the infrastructure of trade in the UK and Europe”.


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