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Private Criminal Prosecutions




On Friday 5th July 2013, Harinder SINGH from Southall `appeared at Cambridge Crown Court having previously pleaded guilty to Trademark offences. The case was brought by TM Eye, at no cost, as a private criminal prosecution on behalf of Louis Vuitton, Mulberry and Jimmy Choo.


Singh had pleaded guilty to five (5) of the original nine (9) Trademark offences;  three (3) offences of selling counterfeit items and two (2) offences of possessing counterfeit items.


The Defendant had three (3) prior convictions for the same types of offences in various areas of the United Kingdom:


Dorset County Council in July 2009 – Community Order

Leicestershire County Council – Community Order

Cambridge Trading Standards – 11 months suspended for 24 months and a banning order


The Judge today sentenced Mr Harinder Singh to 15 months custodial sentence. This was made up of 10 months imprisonment for each of the five (5) offences to be served concurrently and five (5) months of the suspended sentence to be invoked and served consecutively, thus totalling fifteen (15) months imprisonment.


SINGH also has an outstanding confiscation matter.


The case was brought by TM EYE as a result of a 6 month pro-active operation during which time evidence was gathered by way of covert test purchases. Surveillance by TM EYE identified SINGH’s lifestyle, home and his storage facility at Shurgard, Cowgate Road, Southall, London.


On 9th March 2013, TM EYE detectives in partnership with Ealing Trading Standards and police raided the storage facility. A vast amount of fake goods from a large number of brands were recovered with an estimated value in excess of £10 million. SINGH and two others were arrested. The raid was featured on FAKE BRITAIN. LINK:



One of the other men, Nagib RAHMANI d.o.b. 1.1.76 of Redcroft Road, Southall who had been  arrested and subsequently cautioned at that time was subsequently prosecuted by TM EYE in a separate private criminal prosecution (OPERATION 548-GS-13). He recently appeared at St Albans Magistrates court on 24th June 2013 having pleaded guilty to ten (10) Trade Mark offences committed at Bovingdon and Wembley markets.


The Court sentenced him as follows:


A 12 month Community Order consisting of 150 hours unpaid work


TM EYE Director David McKelvey said, “This TM EYE led operation and private criminal prosecution has resulted in a substantial term of imprisonment for Harinder Singh. Mr Singh sold fake leather goods at Wembley and Bovingdon markets impacting on our clients Louis Vuitton, Mulberry and Jimmy Choo. We gathered substantive evidence and identified his storage facilities which were raided. A large haul of counterfeit goods was recovered.


Mr Singh had been convicted of similar criminal offences in the past but took the decision to continue his criminal lifestyle. The sentence today reflects the seriousness of his crimes. Not only has Mr Singh been sent to prison for a substantial time but his valuable stock of fake goods was seized. He is also subject to confiscation matters.


This sends a strong message to all those who take the decision to sell fake goods that damage any of our clients brands. TM EYE will continue to ‘catch and convict’ them in the criminal courts.”



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On 1 July 2013 at Watford Magistrates Court an arrest warrant was issued for the arrest of a Newham man. The Defendant had failed to attend Court having been served with criminal summons by TM EYE detectives.


The Court was satisfied with service and they issued an arrest warrant backed for bail. The Court have put a return date of 29 July 2013 at 11am on the summons.


The case is being brought by TM EYE as a private criminal prosecution on behalf of Louis Vuitton, Mulberry and Jimmy Choo. The summons relates to alleged Trademark Offences committed at Wembley and Bovingdon Markets over a period of months.


The warrant has been passed to police to execute.