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Private Criminal Prosecutions


Two men, KASLI and BALCI have been served with criminal summons to attend Romford Magistrates Court on 22 August 2013, for a number of Trademark offences. The case is being brought by TM EYE on behalf of MULBERRY, LOUIS VUITTON and JIMMY CHOO, at no cost.


Evidence was gathered at Dagenham Market over a period of months by TM EYE detectives.


The criminal summons were served in a joint operation with Barking and Dagenham Trading Standards and Police supported by the market operator at Dagenham Market on 4 August 2013.


Dagenham Market is a member of the REAL DEAL campaign and the operators CHARFLEETS work in partnership to prevent fakes being sold at their markets.


TM EYE Director David McKELVEY said,” This is again an excellent result for all concerned, law enforcement, industry and the market operators. When all interested parties work together we can see real change. Dagenham market continues to be a thriving and busy market whilst removing the cancer of fake goods. It is a fantastic example of the REAL DEAL campaign in action and the enforcement arm of The National Markets Group stamping down on criminal acts.


I would also like to thank the Intellectual Property Office intelligence unit for all their assistance.”

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Two men Manmohan Singh and Paramjeet Lamba from Southall were both sentenced at St Albans Magistrates’ Court  on 9 July 2013 for Trademark offnces. The case was brought by TM EYE as a private criminal prosecution, at no cost, on behalf of RICHEMONT (CARTIER).


Manmohan Singh and Paramjeet Lamba had both pleaded guilty to 6 offences each – 3 offences for selling counterfeit goods and 3 offences of possession counterfeit goods.


Both were sentenced to a 12 month Community Order with the condition of 80hours unpaid work.


They were both ordered to pay a £60 Victim Surcharge.


The case was the result of a 6 month pro active operation mounted by TM EYE detectives. The two convicted men sold fake luxury branded watches at WEMBLEY and BOVINGDON markets every week. TM EYE detectives had carried out covert test purchases resulting in overwhelming evidence of criminality. Surveillance subsequently identified their home addresses.


TM EYE Director David McKelvey said,”This is another successful private criminal prosecution by TM EYE. This case was brought against two men who weekly sold fake CARTIER watches at Wembley and Bovingdon markets causing immense damage to the brand. They sold numerous other fake luxury watch brands. No action was taken by TM EYE in relation to these goods.


TM EYE representing RICHEMONT will continue to ‘catch and convict’ any criminals engaged in the sale of counterfeit goods that impact on our clients brands. Anyone selling fake CARTIER goods will be prosecuted in the criminal courts with the potential risk of a prison sentence”.


For further information please contact David on 01992 766591.