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A woman from Romford Road, Newham appeared at Highbury Corner  Magistrates Court today charged with six (6) Trademark Act offences of selling  and possessing counterfeit goods for sale on 26 June, 12 July and 22 July 2013, at DESIGNER WALK, Camden Market, Camden, London. SHARMIN ADKHER pleaded guilty to all criminal matters and was sentenced to a fine of £720.00 (seven hundred and twenty pounds).


The case was brought, at NO COST, by TM EYE on behalf of its client LOUIS VUITTON.


The convictions follow a 2 month covert operation by TM EYE detectives, who gathered overwhelming evidence of criminality allowing the case to be brought today. A summons was served on ADKHER on 26 September 2013.


TM EYE Director David McKelvey said,”This conviction is the latest criminal case bought by TM EYE against those engaged in selling fake LOUIS VUITTON goods. We will continue to ‘catch and convict’ anyone who sells fake goods that damage our clients brands. We have a zero tolerance policy and anyone who risks committing similar criminal offences should be very aware that they risk a criminal conviction and potentially imprisonment if they choose to sell counterfeits of brands that we protect.


TM EYE has successfully carried out private criminal prosecutions for their clients and convicted over 45 people this year for Trademark Act offences from a variety of markets including; Wembley and Bovingdon markets, Dagenham market, Bristol Fruit market, Wellesbourne market, Camden market and online cases. There are a large number of ongoing cases both within the court system and in evidence preparation stage. We have seen dramatic reductions in fake goods sold that damage our particular clients. We undertake the intelligence and evidence gathering as well as bringing private criminal prosecutions at NO COST to our clients”.





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BowenA woman from Harlow, Karen BOWEN, appeared at Chelmsford Magistrates Court today charged with 11 (eleven) criminal offences contrary to the Trademarks Act 1994. She pleaded guilty to all matters. She was sentenced to eight (8) weeks imprisonment suspended for one year and 80 hours unpaid community work.


The case was brought by TM EYE, at no cost to their clients, as a private criminal prosecution on behalf of PANDORA JEWELLERY, TRESOR PARIS, LINKS OF LONDON, MULBERRY, THOMAS SABO, LOUIS VUITTON and JIMMY CHOO.


The case follows a 3 month TM EYE investigation into the sale of fake goods on FACEBOOK under an account ‘MULBERRY DELIGHTS’. Covert test purchases were made and evidence gathered. The prosecution today is the result of evidence gathered by TM EYE. BOWEN was served with a criminal summons for the matters on 7th October 2013 and pleaded guilty today due to the overwhelming evidence presented. BOWEN admitted that she was in receipt of benefits whilst undertaking her trade in criminal goods.


BOWEN was evidenced selling other brands including fake TIFFANY jewellery, TOYWATCH, MAC cosmetics, CHANEL, SUPERDRY, NIKE and ADIDAS clothing. She also had ‘open house’ days with fake goods on sale at her home address.


TM EYE Director David McKelvey said,”This was an excellent result, BOWEN having pleaded guilty to selling fake goods on FACEBOOK. We are seeing more criminals making use of the web, auction sites and FACEBOOK to trade in fake products. TM EYE will ‘catch and convict’ those criminals who impact on our clients brands whether in the open markets or on the web.”