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Private Criminal Prosecutions

On 16 April 2013, TM Eye detectives served a criminal summons on a Southall man involved in the sale of counterfeit leather goods at Bovingdon and Wembley markets. The man will appear at Watford Magistrates Court on 25 May 2013 charged with a series of Trademark offences under the Trademarks Act 1994.


The case is being brought by TM Eye on behalf of Louis Vuitton and Mulberry by way of a private criminal prosecution. It follows a proactive covert operation at the markets evidencing the sale of fake bags, purses and other leather goods.


TM Eye director David McKelvey said,’ those who continue to sell fake goods for the brands we represent will be caught and prosecuted ‘.

Private Criminal Prosecutions .png

A criminal summons for Trademark Offences has been issued by Watford Magistrates Court for an Afghan male living in Southall.


The male suspect has been selling fake leather goods at both Bovingdon and Wembley markets for a substantial period. Test purchases by TM Eye detectives over a period of months evidenced the criminality.



The prosecution is being brought by TM Eye by way of a private criminal prosecution on behalf of clients Louis Vuitton and Mulberry.


TM Eye Director David McKelvey said,” Those who continue to trade in counterfeit Louis Vuitton and Mulberry leather goods will be brought to justice in the criminal courts. Likewise we will catch and convict anyone who sells fake goods that impact on our clients, that includes the jewellery and watch manufacturers that we represent.”