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725 2.5.13 S1 (4)A man from Gravesend in Kent has been convicted at Redhill Magistrates Court of criminal offences contrary to The Trademarks Act 1994.


Nadeem ISLAM appeared on Monday 11th November 2013 and pleaded guilty to 7 (seven) Trademark offences relating to the sale of fake goods at Kempton Park market between 2 May 2013 and 16 May 2013. The case was brought by TM EYE as a private criminal prosecution on behalf of clients LOUIS VUITTON, MULBERRY and JIMMY CHOO.


ISLAM had been the subject of a previous pro active operation by TM EYE in 2011 / 2012 (Operation 457-DM-11), that resulted in a conviction at Redbridge Magistrates Court on 10th May 2012 for 12 (twelve) Trademark offences. The offences had been committed at Dagenham Sunday Market. He had been banned from that market by the Market Operator as a result.


TM EYE Director David McKELVEY said,”This latest conviction, of Nadeem ISLAM, was the direct result of a pro active operation by TM EYE at Kempton Park Market in May this year.


He had been previously targeted and convicted last year for identical offences. Prior to that in 2010, he had been arrested by police at Dagenham and a large amount of goods seized, again a TM EYE led operation. Despite having been banned from Dagenham last year, after his conviction,  he moved and commenced selling fake goods at Kempton Park Market. Our operatives recognised him imemdiately and secured vital evidence. As a result we privately prosecuted him for a second time resulting in the suspended prison sentence.


ISLAM sold fake goods impacting on many other brands as well including; CHANEL, UGG, BURBERRY, GUCCI, TIFFANY, DIOR, D&G and many others.


ISLAM is one of a number of prolific offenders who choose to continue committing crimes despite criminal convictions. Yesterday’s sentence now puts him at real risk of going to prison should he choose to re offend.


TM EYE will continue to ‘catch and convict’ those who damage our clients brands by selling counterfeit goods.”


The court were made aware of the previous conviction and sentenced ISLAM to 14 (fourteen) weeks imprisonment suspended for 2 years.

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scales of justiceA 43 year old Barking man, Mirwais AZIMI of Cowbridge Lane, Barking, Essex was today convicted at Havering Magistrates Court and sentenced to 80 hours Community Service with a £50.00 victims surcharge.


AZIMI was prosecuted by TM EYE privately in the Criminal Courts for 7 (seven) Trademark offences under The Trademarks Act 1994 for offences between 31 March 2013 and 5 May 2013.


The case was brought at no cost to the clients of TM EYE.


706 S1 31.3.13

The conviction follows a covert operation by TM EYE that resulted in evidence being secured against AZIMI and another man who were selling fake bags and leather goods at Dagenham market each Sunday. The offences prosecuted related to clients MULBERRY, LOUIS VUITTON and JIMMY CHOO. The two men sold counterfeit goods for a wide variety of other designer brands.


TM EYE Director David McKELVEY said,”Todays case follows another succesful TM EYE operation at Dagenham Market. We had the full support of the market operator, local Trading Standards and police.


Our private criminal prosecutions are having a significant impact on the sale of fake goods impacting on our clients brands. We are convicting those who sell counterfeit LOUIS VUITTON, MULBERRY or JIMMY CHOO goods on a regular basis. We are sending a strong message that these are criminal acts and will result in criminal convictions and potentially imprisonment as some of our recent cases have shown.


We will continue to target anyone who sells fake goods that impact on any of our clients brands.”