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TM Eye detectives have undertaken further raids in India to frustrate the global sale of counterfeit lifesaving medicines leading to the arrest of a major illicit medicines supplier.



On 10 July 2018, detectives from TM Eye’s Illicit Pharmaceutical Team working with TM Eye India operatives and local Indian police carried out a covert test purchase of a large amount fake cancer and mental health medicines. Following the exchange the detectives carried out surveillance on the subject, in demanding and difficult circumstances, that led to a premises in Sriperumbudur, Tamil Nadu, India. The premises, a hotel room, were raided by police and the suspect known as SHIVANNA was arrested.



The room had been rented by the suspect for 3 months to operate his global trade in fake drugs. Over 25,951 counterfeit tablets, packaging and bottles were seized. SHIVANNA was a major supplier who supplied others dealers.



TM Eye Director David Mckelvey said, “TM EYE’s Illicit Medicines Team are undertaking cutting edge enforcement activity across the globe. The sale of fake medicines is a vast criminal industry that has been estimated to be worth in excess of £200 billion. It kills hundreds of thousands of people every year across the World. The criminal gangs involved are highly sophisticated and dangerous. India operates as a fulfilment house for many Eastern European criminal networks.



This latest raid has identified another main player in this global crime. He is now in custody and will be prosecuted by the Indian authorities.”



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A woman, Vera NOBBS from North Weald, Essex appeared at Barkingside Magistrates Court on 21 August 2018, charged with three (3) offences of selling counterfeit goods contrary to Section 92 of The Trademarks Act 1994, at Epping Street Market, Epping, Essex. She pleaded guilty to all matters. She was sentenced to a fine of £600 and was ordered to pay £600 costs and Victims Surcharge of £60.


The case was brought by TM Eye as a private criminal prosecution on behalf a well known luxury brand.


NOBBS operated a stall within the street market at Epping every Monday. Covert test purchases were made on three occasions between 4 June 2018 and 23 July 2018. The test purchases were filmed and provided the evidence that led to the prosecution and conviction.


NOBBS had previously been convicted by TM Eye on 19 April 2017, at Chelmsford Magistrates Court for similar offences of selling fake goods at North Weald market, Essex. She had been fined £1,570.


TM Eye Director David McKelvey said, “Mrs NOBBS was convicted in April 2017 by TM Eye for selling fake goods. Despite that conviction she has continued to reoffend and that has led to todays conviction for similar offences. Should she continue to commit offences we would hope that the courts take a more robust stance and consider a custodial sentence.


Mrs NOBBS now has two convictions and police will take her DNA, fingerprints and photograph for their criminal databases. Her convictions are recorded on the Police National Computer.”