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An Afghan man, Mr Nagib RAHMANI, born in 1976, living at Redcroft Road, Uxbridge was today sentenced at St Albans Magistrates Court having pleaded guilty to ten (10) Trademark offences. He received 150 hours Community Service.

The case was brought by TM EYE as a private criminal prosecution on behalf of MULBERRY, LOUIS VUITTON and JIMMY CHOO. There was no cost to the clients.

The prosecution follows a 6 month covert operation by TM EYE detectives who gathered substantive evidence of RAHMANI’s criminality at BOVINGDON and WEMBLEY markets. He was also arrested during the course of another TM EYE operation (Operation 614-GS-13), at a storage facility in Southall where he was cautioned by police.

TM EYE Director David McKelvey said,”RAHMANI has been involved in the sale of fake goods at Bovingdon and Wembley markets for a substantial period of time.  The conviction today will hopefully prevent and deter him from further offending. We will continue to target those who sell fake goods that impact on our clients with the intention of bringing them to justice in the criminal courts”.