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Private Criminal Prosecutions


On 17 June 2013, two men, Manmohan Singh, D.O.B. 01-01-70 and Paramjeet Lamba, D.O.B. 01-01-65, both appeared at Watford Magistrates Court charged with six Trademark Act offences. They both pleaded guilty to all matters.


The case was brought by TM EYE as a private criminal prosecution, at no cost, on behalf of their client RICHEMONT.


The Court ordered that an all options pre-sentence report be prepared by The Probation Service and that the case be adjourned for sentencing at St Albans Magistrates’ Court on 9 July 2013 at 12 noon.


The case follows a substantive pro active covert operation by TM EYE detectives on behalf of RICHEMONT; specifically CARTIER and MONTBLANC.


The men had been involved in the sale of fake watches at Wembley and Bovingdon Markets over a substantial period causing significant damage to the brands and other luxury high end watch manufacturers.


TM EYE detectives had carried out a series of test purchases which formed the evidence against the men. Criminal summons were issued in May.


TM EYE Director David McKELVEY said,’TM EYE will not tolerate the sale of fake goods that damage our clients CARTIER and MONTBLANC or any other RICHEMONT brands and will actively gather evidence and prosecute those involved in the criminal courts.


We are pleased that a substantial number of other brands have benefited as a result of our action to prevent and deter offending as these individuals sold all high end luxury brands.’

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On 17 June 2013, a trader from the Leyton area failed to appear at Watford Magistrates Court having been summonsed for  a series of Trademark offences. The case is being brought by TM EYE as a private criminal prosecution on behalf of MULBERRY, LOUIS VUITTON and JIMMY CHOO.


The court issued a warrant for his arrest.


TM EYE detectives working with the police are actively seeking the mans whereabouts.