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Adult Butt sold fake goods from Great Ducie Street in the area known as ‘Counterfeit Street’.

Adil BUTT of Kingcombe Walk, Manchester, M9 appeared at Manchester Magistrates Court on the 15th November 2018, charged with three offences of selling counterfeit goods contrary to Section 92 of The Trademarks Act 1994. He pleaded guilty to all matters. He received a £261.00 fine and was ordered to pay £500.00 costs and also a £85.00 victims surcharge.

The case was brought by TM Eye as a private criminal prosecution on behalf of one of its luxury goods clients.

BUTT operated his criminal enterprise from a unit in Great Ducie Street, CheethamHill, Manchester in the area known as ‘Counterfeit Street’. He sold a wide variety of counterfeit luxury goods from the heavily guarded premises including Michael Kors, Chanel, Ralph Lauren, Gucci, Calvin Klein, Adidas, Nike, Ted Baker and many others. No enforcement action was taken in relation to these brands at the request of the companiesrepresentatives.

The criminal premises were accessed via an entrance at the rear of Great Ducie Street. This was protected by guards and spotters to prevent access by law enforcement or TM Eye. The entire area would be locked down should the spotters suspect enforcement activity taking place often trapping members of the public inside these dangerous premises.

The premises were well protected with steel doors, guards and spotters on the street with back to back radios to warn of police or TM Eye activity.

Between the 9th May 2018 and 29th May 2018, TM Eye undercover investigators from its Dedicated Undercover Unit supported by the TM Eye Surveillance Team, posing as customers, purchased counterfeit Hugo Boss and other products on three separate occasions.

On all occasions the purchases were covertly recorded and BUTT was clearly identifiable from the relevant footage. Having gathered sufficient evidence, a criminal summons was then applied for, issued and served leading to the prosecution and conviction. BUTT now has a criminal conviction recorded on the Police National Computer.

TM Eye has prosecuted over 450 criminal cases as a private prosecutor and has a 100% conviction rate. Over 13% of those convicted have received prison sentences.


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